Myjoi Copeland
Myjoi Copeland
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Myjoi Copeland is such a Joy for all she encounters. She loves to dance, sing, act and participate in gymnastics. Myjoi took her first dance class at Dance 411 Studios when she was only 2 years old. She specializes in Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Modern, Myjoi is also a fierce actress. She has been shooting SAG commercials and video slots since she was 3 years old. She has an impeccable ability to retain information and she is also very well-behaved which works perfectly for casting directors and the entertainment team. Myjoi is not afraid of the stage at all. She perfectly executed her first solo at the age of 5 along with Dance 411’s company team.  Not only did she impress the audience but she also won first place in each competition. She enjoys vocal classes and gymnastics performances on her spare time. Myjoi is a combination of sweet, innocent, sassy, and talent. Her STAR qualities shine bright everywhere she goes and she is great representation for our team here at 411South.